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FootBalance appointed as an exclusive distributor for OS1st® performance bracing sleeves in the Nordic market

FootBalance appointed as an exclusive distributor for OS1st® performance bracing sleeves in the Nordic market

FootBalance is delighted to announce our appointment as an exclusive distributor for OS1st® products in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

OS1st® is owned by ING Source Inc, an American manufacturer of compression sleeves for athletic bracing. ING Source products are sold internationally in over 20 countries through distribution partnerships and recognised as the #1 bracing brand in running retail outlets across the U.S.A. The partnership provides OS1st® with a wide retail distribution network across the Nordics.

FootBalance’s partnership with OS1st® is a natural fit as both companies strive to enable consumers’ active lives with their products. "Our goal is to offer our retail partners with a wide range of products that improve the health of consumers feet and overall well-being. OS1st strongly complements our concept – thanks to our partnership, consumers can enjoy a comprehensive solution to their foot health needs and stay active for longer", says Klaus Rauhansalo, FootBalance CEO.

FootBalance Custom Insoles provide a strong foundation for the body by offering a perfect balance of personalised support, comfort and alignment. OS1st® products complement FootBalance products by delivering medical grade support during sports and outdoor activities and by helping speed up recovery – even after injury.

What makes OS1st® products unique is their support and compression properties. At the core of OS1st® compression socks, sleeves and braces is Compression Zone Technology®, which combines the benefits of medical grade orthopaedic bracing support with the power of graduated compression. The seamless construction makes the products suitable for both resting therapy as well as active use.

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