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Run2Day chooses the FootBalance service concept to offer consumers perfectly fitted running shoes

Run2Day chooses the FootBalance service concept to offer consumers perfectly fitted running shoes

FootBalance is delighted to announce our latest cooperation, with Run2Day, one of the most famous running specialists in the Netherlands. Based on the results of a successful pilot, FootBalance was integrated into their full running service concept. FootBalance is currently present in 19 Run2Day stores across the Netherlands.

Running at the heart of every store

At Run2Day everybody loves running – their sales team, their buyers, their marketing manager – everyone is a runner. That is why they can offer professional running advice from people that know running inside and out. They know the fun, addiction, fatigue, muscle pain, emotion and everything that goes into running. In their product assortment, you will only find top-quality products: a wide range of training shoes, competition shoes, and spikes as well as all the latest running clothes. And if a product is not available in the Netherlands, they will get it from abroad for you.

Run2Day has already been using a professional treadmill or track in combination with an extensive video analysis to see which shoe suits your running technique best. You can also test the shoes extensively on the street, as that is where you mostly will be using your running shoes. This way you can really feel whether a shoe provides the right comfort and fit during your run.

Your feet in good hands

With our FootBalance concept, Run2Day has now added a static analysis in addition to a dynamic gait analysis. Their trained personnel analyse your feet and review what happens to them while you walk. Based on this extra analysis, Run2Day professionals can provide a more professional analysis and advice, as well as tailoring your running shoes for a healthier foot position, ultimate comfort, and better performance. Run2Day also offers the possibility to have FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles moulded to your feet and trialled for free in their stores.

Amsterdam store manager Johan Wilders with a staff member

Jeroen Zeinstra, Sales, Marketing and Brand manager, commented about FootBalance: “After a trial period in some of our stores, we found that the FootBalance concept gives our staff better insight into the biomechanics of each runner. By incorporating the FootBalance process into our routine we are able to offer the runner an exceptional, tailor-made solution - footwear that fits perfectly. FootBalance provides us with an edge over other sports stores and we are confident that we can serve our loyal customers better so they can reach their running goals.”

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